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Wax Clinic

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about the client

The Welling Ear Wax Clinic provides ear wax removal by micro-suction, to the residents of Welling, Kent and surrounding areas.

The service has been available since 2016 and is expanding at a fast rate. 

Welling Ear Wax Clinic has been working with Beknowin’ since 2021.

the brief

A website was required as a business generation tool to increase the number of online appointments made for ear wax microsuction appointments.

The client did not have an existing dedicated website for the ear wax removal business but had already embarked on significant spend and effort on social media and advertising which was successfully driving footfall to the clinic. 

They wanted a professional website to enable customers to book advance appointments and to build upon the paid SEO efforts already actioned, maximising all appointment slots.

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After researching other similar service providers, we discovered that many competitor websites were often outdated or poorly designed and few offered the ability to book online. 

The website was designed to be professional yet welcoming. The majority of images were provided by the client. Seeing the procedure, the environment and the clinician helps the end user know what to expect and helps with the conversion rate for the website. The site has clear call-to-actions (CTA) to provide the customer with every opportunity to book an appointment.  An integrated appointment booking system is used with full management capability in the back end for Administrator access and management.

Good SEO practice has been built-in throughout page and post content, to focus on reaching the target market.  

Google Analytics has been incorporated to understand how customers are using the website to book appointments. A blog (provided by a 3rd party SEO company) has also been introduced to ensure fresh content on the site and to incorporate location-based keywords and promotion.

Google reviews are pulled through the site to demonstrate the quality of service and build customer confidence in the service offered.  An Instagram feed was previously incorporated to pull together all relevant social media platforms and keep content current.


*Information based on an incognito google search but will be based on some location data.


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