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Can I update my Wordpress website myself

Can I update my WordPress website myself? Pressing go on updates for your website is the easy part. What’s a little more tricky, is fixing things if the updates don’t play nicely. Hopefully, you’ve read and understood that your WordPress website needs to be maintained, and that means applying regular updates to WordPress, its plugins […]

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Erupting Icelandic Volcanoes. What Does it Teach Us About Websites? Iceland’s erupting volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula draws parallels for having a business website. A volcano has erupted on the Reykjanes peninsula of south-west Iceland after weeks of intense earthquake activity. About 4,000 people were evacuated from the fishing town of Grindavik and the nearby

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Creating Websites for Small Businesses, with Expertise. navigate the digital landscape with ease In today’s business landscape, having an impactful online presence is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Small business owners considering their digital debut often find themselves in uncharted territory. Let’s shed light on why websites for small businesses require thoughtful consideration and

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Why Most WordPress Websites Fail to Deliver for Small Businesses and How to Fix It

Why Most Websites Fail to Deliver for Small Businesses – and How to Fix It With a Website – Comes Great Responsibility! For small businesses, a website can be the perfect solution to establish a strong online presence. However, many fall short of delivering the expected outcomes. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind

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The BelvedereClinic about the client The Belvedere Clinic has been providing cosmetic surgery to its customers since 1985.  With its main hospital based in Kent, it has satellite services throughout the UK.   the brief The previous website was a messy and unstructured on-site presence which did not show the clinic in its best light. While

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Welling EarWax Clinic Visit website about the client The Welling Ear Wax Clinic provides ear wax removal by micro-suction, to the residents of Welling, Kent and surrounding areas. The service has been available since 2016 and is expanding at a fast rate.  Welling Ear Wax Clinic has been working with Beknowin’ since 2021. the brief

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