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The Belvedere Clinic has been providing cosmetic surgery to its customers since 1985. 

With its main hospital based in Kent, it has satellite services throughout the UK.  

the brief

The previous website was a messy and unstructured on-site presence which did not show the clinic in its best light. While lots of money had been invested in SEO, online ads, blog posts and promotions, the website as a final point of lead generation would have deterred website visitors from converting to revenue-generating customers.  

The customer wanted a professional website to maximise on the investment made to promote the business. In addition, the SEO value earned organically by the original website, had to be protected.

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The existing website required a complete overhaul. Content was bitty and inconsistent, with little attention to good SEO practice. 

Most important for this project was the need to preserve the external SEO value already built up for the original site. All existing URLs had to be re-purposed or re-directed. This involved mapping 55 main content pages and a proportion of blogs that were attracting keyword SEO value.    

The entire content of the website was either re-purposed or (in the main) rewritten by Beknowin.  All images were individually sourced from royalty-free sources. The site has clear call-to-actions (CTA) to provide the customer with every opportunity to contact the clinic to book a consultation. In line with this industry, the visual impact is important and the site depends on good strong imagery. In addition, while the majority of customers are female, the site also had to be appealing to a male audience. Striking the right balance of colour, voice and imagery was key to making this website work well.

Good SEO practice has been built-in throughout page and post content, to focus on reaching the target market.   

The new website brought consistency and a professional look and feel to the cosmetic surgery service being offered. The end result is a professional, inviting and aspirational website offering insight into cosmetic procedures and confidence in the service offered.

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