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why is it important

What 'updating' a WordPress website really means

The components that make up a WordPress website are regularly updated by their developers to fix bugs, prevent security issues and add functionality.

Over time they become outdated and will start to impact the way your website performs. This is especially true when the core WordPress platform goes through major updates and the plugins designed to work with it, fall behind.

When this happens it can, at worst, crash your website or prevent it from functioning correctly.

A maintenance plan ensures that all of these risks are mitigated and that your site updates are planned and managed carefully.

If and when incompatibilities are found, they will need troubleshooting and fixing.
If updates break your website, a ‘rollback’ to an earlier (correctly functioning) version might be required. Once the plugin is fixed, another update attempt can be made. 

The benefits of a Beknowin WordPress maintenance plan

Find out how a maintenance plan can keep your website running efficiently and your online business presence, safe.


Websites have to be maintained and updated to keep them relevant, safe and properly functioning.  Without updates, it is a matter of time before your site will be compromised in some way.


Weekly off-site back-ups, maintained for a rolling 6-week period. Sometimes updates don't play nicely with each other but with full site back-ups we can roll back to a happier place, while bugs and conflicts are fixed.

Content updates

Keep your website content fresh and relevant, so visitors have a reason to keep coming back. At least 30 mins of developer's time is included to make changes to text and images, at no extra cost. If you need, extra time can be purchased at a preferential rate.


Carefully managed updates ensure new versions of core WordPress, themes and plugins don’t negatively impact your website.

Updated for security

Apart from bringing new features and functionality to your website, updates are very important for fixing security issues and software bugs. Plugins also have to keep up to date with new versions of the WordPress platform on which they operate.

Safe & secure

As the world's most popular CMS, it's estimated that approximately 1 in 25 WordPress websites is hacked in its lifetime. Additional website security can be added to make it more difficult for hackers to access and corrupt your website by brute force, malware and backdoor attempts. Do you receive a lot of form spam? We can fix that too.

Speed & Performance

Search engines prefer tidy websites that load fast and are user-friendly, so we look at ways to make improvements that can all add up and help your website to be found…

Site optimisation

Keep your site optimised for a great customer experience, by keeping your database clean, reviewing your caching policy and making sure images and media are appropriately sized and suitably served.

Site performance

Keep an eye on the speed at which your website loads and the user experience, to keep your bounce rates low and visitors happy.

Business Support & Mentoring

Your website plays an important part in your business’s success.  It shouldn’t just be a ‘tech’ consideration.  

Support for small business

Enjoy business support and mentoring INCLUDED with your WordPress website maintenance package. If you don't need development time one month, maybe you could do with some mentoring or a sounding board instead?

It's great to talk, and the best ideas can often come from the least expected interactions.
Do I hear you ask, 'Why Beknowin?'

Choose the WordPress maintenance plan
that suits you best...

We’ve discussed some of the features, but which plan would suit you best?

Beknowin WordPress maintenance plans are developed specifically with small businesses in mind. These maintenance plans are perfect for owner-created WordPress websites or for professionally developed websites in need of regular maintenance.  

And here’s the bonus…

an opportunity for monthly business mentoring comes as standard with EVERY maintenance plan!!

While most WordPress maintenance plans offer just development time for content edits and small site changes, Beknowin offers the chance for monthly business mentoring and business guidance so you can benefit from your own regular sounding board.

Discussing future plans, business challenges, website queries or anything that impacts your business can sometimes provide a kick-start or spark inspiration.  This service alone is worth the monthly cost of your WordPress maintenance plan, making it outstanding value.

Now YOU just need to decide whether you want an
ANNUAL plan with ONE MONTH FREE  for a single upfront payment OR
a MONTHLY subscription for a minimum of 12 months to SPREAD THE COST.

Read through the FAQs below and then select the type of plan and your preferred payment option.


Frequently asked questions

Quite simply…

  • Bronze plan (Standard) works best for websites that have been professionally developed and need little ‘fixing’ or improvement as they’ve been built to a sound technical standard. These sites just need regular updates and maintenance to keep them ticking over nicely.
  • Silver plan (Secure+) is great for websites where security hasn’t been considered in any detail.  This plan will audit your security and make improvements to keep your website safe. This is also a good option if you are experiencing a lot of form spam.
  • Gold plan (Performance+) is best for websites that have not been created by a website developer and need more remedial support to improve security and performance.  In addition, if you are not comfortable speaking to the other service providers in relation to your website, Beknowin can act on your behalf.
Have a look at the monthly and annual options for each plan here

Extra support is available for website owners who aren’t confident in dealing with 3rd party providers and need support to navigate the other services behind their website. 

Beknowin can handle these services on your behalf if you’d rather not. These services are included as standard in the Gold (Performance+) package. 

An extra bundle of help is available for a small additional fee on the Bronze and Silver (Secure+) plans. Here’s what you get..

  • domain name support – help with renewals, queries, and understanding where your domain name is managed
  • hosting provider support – support in liaising with technical support for your hosting provider. Sometimes it’s easier to speak tech to tech!
  • SSL cert support – easy enough to renew, if you know how. Help to ensure SSL certs are kept updated on your site.
  • Contact form spam prevention – we implement a solution to reduce annoying contact form spam, originating from your website

Take a look at the plans available with ‘Helping Hands’ support here.

This isn’t a straightforward answer but let’s just say we need to proceed with caution with some websites. A few examples are below.

  • very outdated websites as there is a lot that can go wrong when plugins, themes and the WordPress version are all seriously out of date.
  • highly custom-coded websites –  custom code will not receive updates, and the further it falls behind newer versions of WordPress, PHP, plugins, themes etc, the more likely each update could encounter problems which the original developer is better placed to troubleshoot and fix.
  • websites that are hosted on very ‘low-cost’ hosting. You may be able to run your website on very low-cost hosting now, but even small websites will grow in size as files are added and more data is collected. This takes you closer to already low file size and storage limits and your site will fall over. If you are at that point but don’t wish to upgrade your hosting service then we wouldn’t be able to help you as we couldn’t do the things you’d be paying for – and that wouldn’t be fair!
  • big important e-commerce websites that don’t have the facility on their hosting service to create a staging site for testing updates.
    The point here is to make sure that your website is safe. Don’t worry though! If you choose a plan and for any reason, we believe it’s impractical to give you the service promised, you will receive a full refund.

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WordPress maintenance plans

Annual plans enjoy one month FREE, making them even better value.

WordPress maintenance plans with
'Helping Hands' support

Annual plans enjoy one month FREE, making them even better value