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Cheap Websites for Small Business

"there are so many website designers and developers out there...

how do you pick one?"

When it comes to selecting the best person to create your business website, it’s tough deciding who will be the best fit for you and your company.  You’ll get a good feel for who you can work with after an initial conversation so do take time to speak to prospective developers.  

A snazzy website and a cheap quote may entice you but how do you relate your thoughts, ideas and personality to a complete stranger to build a website in line with your brand and business needs?

Finding someone with deep business knowledge combined with website design and development skills will bring value and positive impact to your business. By understanding your business, I can help you to make content placement and design decisions, and deliver a website that will meet the business outcomes you desire – including more sales, more enquiries and happier customers…

My personal aim is to offer you an end-to-end service in the design and delivery of a stylish and functional website, and I can do as little or as much as you need.  All I ask is that you provide your content and I will do the rest to ensure your online visitors get the best experience with every visit.

i want to make sure that my website gets seen..

Building a beautiful website means nothing if people can’t find you! ‘Build it and they will come’ means nothing here!
We need to include all the basics for good SEO (search engine optimisation) right from the start.

  • on page SEO is the back bone of enabling search engines to read and understand your site – we do this as standard
  • build internal links throughout the site to build credibility and visibility with search engines
  • sitemaps built and submitted to top search engines
  • advice on off page SEO – linking to relevant directories, forums and groups
  • set up new Google Analytics and Google Search Console Accounts to understand customer behaviour and monitor site goals where appropriate

Wouldn’t it be great to find someone with a technical background, decades of business and sales experience and amazing customer service…

“Hey – that’s me…”

  • have a month’s free maintenance on me while your site beds in and you notice things you want to tweak or amend
  • I ask the right questions to test your requirements and to make sure you understand the implications of your ideas and decisions, for a robust website that delivers what you need
  • I have broad industry experience to be able to add considerable value to your site and your business.

i want to find someone that 'gets' me and my business..

i want to make sure my website is kept secure..

At any time, anywhere in the world, over 100,000 sites are hacked per minute. Security is really important and we take it very seriously.  Every website includes…

  • timely core WordPress and plugin updates, to avoid access by exploiting vulnerabilities
  • SSL certificates for visitor safety and confidence
  • security tools to lock out persistent attempts to access your website for malicious purposes
  • monitoring to ensure the site is up and running as expected
  • regular backups to multiple locations

Would it surprise you to know that over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices and smartphones? These days we need to cater for websites performing well on multiple devices.

  • fully responsive design for desktop > laptop > tablet and phone
  • many visitors give up straight away on websites with poor loading speeds and clunky interaction so build with this in mind, maximising page load speeds and performance
  • images and videos compressed and right-sized to reduce load times
  • designed to enhance your customer’s journey through the site, to arrive and meet their objectives easily.

I want my site to deliver a great customer experience.i

"what do you need from your website partner?

(and what don't you know you need yet?)"

Cheap Websites for Small Business

i want my website to look good and show my brand well..

Your brand is everything and even if you don’t have a specific brand now, your website should still reflect your business and values in a consistent way.

  • an initial questionnaire gets you thinking about aspects of your website you may not have even considered so we can agree on a design which looks great and ‘fits’ well
  • we capture the basics of fonts and colours right through to aspirations and end goals
  • ‘wants’ don’t always deliver the optimum website so I will advise and guide you on what will and won’t work well
  • many customers approach me for a new website without a clue about what they want.  If that’s you – don’t worry! Most of my customers just leave me to it and each one has been delighted with the results.

The total cost of ownership of a website can be confusing and misleading.  Sometimes the low-cost monthly spend is very appealing but if you do the maths you could be paying over the odds and NEVER own your website. I offer

  • an upfront Statement of Work and quote for your new website, outlining everything included in the price and outlining some of the things not included, for full transparency
  • 12m hosting, if required
  • 1 month’s free maintenance while your site beds in (then decide if you want or need a maintenance plan in place)
  • absolutely EVERYTHING relating to your website is owned by you with full access and control
  • all 3rd party tools, hosting, domains and other accounts are created in your name for you to own and take over

i want to own my website outright, for a fair price, with no surprises..

here's what I will do for you in a nutshell...


You can provide as much or as little information on design as you like. If you have brand fonts, logos, colours or typography I will incorporate these for you.

To keep prices low, in return for allowing me to use my own design judgement, I provide a prototype for you to review, provide feedback and make any changes you need.


We design, adapt and build as we go. The magic takes place in the background, with regular updates to a test area for you to see how things are progressing.

I welcome your own content and images to ensure your website hits the mark with messaging.


I will host your website on a cloud based hosting service at a great price with excellent support.

Beknowin will upload your site and take care of your hosting needs including back-ups, SSL certificates and domain transfers. I will even help you to set up professional email accounts on your domain.

Support & Maintain

One months maintenance is included as standard.
I take care of content uploads, plugin and core WordPress upgrades, back-ups, renewal of SSL and technical liaison with the hosting provider's support team.

I also set up on-page SEO. You have full access to, and ownership of your site and hosting account. 

friendly support, advice and recommendations...

all come as standard

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