About Beknowin

About me - meeting table

Corporate Beginnings

I worked in the corporate world for over 20 years, predominantly in Senior Sales roles.
This gave me great exposure to every type of business, in terms of sector, size, niche challenges and business areas.

During my career, I predominantly helped businesses in the areas of Project Management and IT. This was most recently in the world of cloud based hosting but I have operated within IT / technical environments since the days you could only access the world wide web with a modem and a fixed phone line!

Fun fact, I was the UK Account Manager for an agency that built Nokia’s first website.
Back then, websites were a novelty with hardly anything interactive about them.

Inner Geekdom

Fast forward 3 years, and in 2017 I set out to be a full time web developer.

After re-training and joining 
Univers Labs, a creative digital agency, I was introduced to WordPress, where I worked on websites including 

I went on to freelance under my own company name and my first 3 clients came off the back of my ‘other’ business, eWoof dog day-care.
I now specialise in helping small businesses to create beautiful functional websites.

“The creation and promotion of the eWoof website pushed our business forward immensely, 
taking it to a fully viable, ‘fully booked’ dog day-care business.
The website stands out compared to many dog boarding businesses,
to the extent that the Licensing Inspector was convinced we were part of a large franchise.

With the addition of basic SEO and local promotion,
we now have more enquiries then we can possibly accept and pay for no additional advertising or promotion.”

About me - a little extra something

A Little Extra SomEthing

I carry a varied and eclectic bag of life-skills and experiences...
More than 20 years in business, solving real world customer challenges.

And then I'm a
scuba diver,
netball player.... and L2 coach,
part-qualified electrician (L3 City & Guilds)
'human' first aider and canine first aider
licensed Dog Home Boarder
music junkie (old school hip hop a fave)
amateur artist
amateur investor traveller
a continual learner who craves new experiences & challenges.

A unique blend of randomness to create you a unique website

What's the gig with the name?

I seem to know a lot of random stuff. This earned me the nickname Beknowin’, which I am still called today.

Eleven years ago, I was on a weekend away with the girls. I remember it well, 25 June 2009 – the day Michael Jackson died… which meant the airwaves were full of MJ hits 24/7.

Anyway, throughout the day, random questions were asked for no particular reason. Something might have been heard, seen or said and one of my friends would just have a follow up question. All day I seemed to have the answers.

The final straw, ‘What’s that African food, you scoop it with your fingers and mop up the gravy?’, to which I replied ‘Fufu’.

What else can you say to someone who is clearly the queen of random general knowledge except, ‘how are you so beknowin’? ’

And that’s where the nickname came from, Beknowin.

I like to think of it as ‘someone who knows’ and hopefully I know enough to deliver good websites that my customers love!