Project 2:

About the app...

Chicken Run is an app to enable organisers to plan an event (in this case a hen weekend) and communicate plans, logistics and updates in a single place.

The three key aims of the app are to:

  1. Provide a single place for an organiser to upload event information for use by a large group
  2. Allow what can be a disparate group of strangers to get to know eachother prior to the hen weekend
  3. ensure the weekend goes smoothly, as information and schedules are available in one place for immediate review.

Future Enhancements...

With a little additional time, here are some of the future improvements I would like to make to Chicken Run:

  1. Improve the media-responsiveness of the app as this is a tool that would be used predominantly on a mobile phone
  2. Introduce alerting capability to notify users when they need to leave to get to a venue for example
  3. Develop the app for multiple hen weekends and protect them by inviting users to the relevant hen party, by email.
  4. Improve styling, with the knowledge I have gained since completing this early project.

Technologies used:

Google Maps API

Home Page


Using the GoogleMaps API for the the first time and incorporating auto-complete to make finding a location more predictive / quicker

Making the appropriate routes secure so that users could see other user profiles when logged in but could ony edit data they had created.

Behind the Scenes...

This is a full stack application which utilises RESTful routing and authentication. Facebook authentication is offered in addition to direct login via the app itself.


This app uses the GoogleMaps API, auto-completing addresses. Facebook authentication is enabled, and AWS S3 allows for images to be stored remotely.

Secure Routes

Authentication enables secure routing. These allow users to only edit or delete objects they have created. For example, while the events page is owned by a user, they cannot edit another users comments. Users must log in to use the site.

Nice Touches...

Profile Page

A new user is redirected to a profile page to update their profile, the very first time they login. As this app is about creating a close-knit social group 'quickly', users are encouraged to share some fun information with eachother to break the ice and get to know the group.


Users can leave comments on individual event pages, asking questions and generating interest for the weekend. They can delete only their own comments.


The Hen's name is used on the event page to personalise the experience a little more.

Event Index Page

Event Page

Chicken Run App

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